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Claritus is the platform every investor needs to make decisions with clarity and confidence. Track, analyze, and be in full control of all of your assets and investments - all in one place!

Over $3 Billion

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Private & Secured

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All Your Assets in One Place

Claritus helps you track ALL of your assets & investments in one place! See your holdings clearly and easily, without spreadsheets or needing a finance degree!

Private & Secure

We keep your privacy and security in mind at all times. Claritus is designed to meet the highest bank-grade security standards. With Claritus, all of your information is secure and encrypted at all times.

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Covers More Than 17,000 Financial Institutions

Claritus supports more than 17,000 global financial institutions, brokerages, and other financial organizations to provide automatic and up-to-date data.

Clearing the Investment Fog

Investors live in a constant fog today by not having visibility of their entire wealth. Claritus combines past insights and today's portfolio, so you always know that you know. Claritus is the platform every investor needs to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Your History Matters

With Claritus, you can measure your portfolio's performance over time easily and accurately. Use Claritus' dynamic analytics and portfolio cross-asset comparisons to make intelligent and informed financial decisions.

Your holding history has huge value

Frequently Asked Questions

To make good and informed decisions, you need to be able to see the big picture and evaluate your overall situation. Claritus is a powerful yet easy to use, trustworthy and discreet companion to assist you in growing your wealth.

Your privacy and anonymity are extremely important to us. Our loyalty is first and foremost to you - no hidden agendas, no dual loyalty, no matter what.

All you need to do is enter your investment portfolio, bank account, and any alternative asset into Claritus. This can be done automatically or manually, either way the tracking begins. Claritus does all the behind the scenes work of crunching the numbers and presents you with a clear and instantaneous view of your assets.

Claritus will never sell or share your data or personal information to a third party! Our loyalty stands with you, our customer and your trust in us is our top priority.

Transparent & Simple Pricing

Claritus offers our customers an exceptional solution for a fair, and low subscription cost. There will never be hidden fees or costs. We believe in being transparent and up front with our customers at all times.

Claritus For Advisor

Claritus for Advisors is an integrated, affordable solution for financial advisors. Claritus' benefits are now adjusted for professionals. Make your work easy, your clients will thank you.

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