About Us

Claritus is a simple-to-use,
personal portfolio management solution.

Claritus is a simple-to-use, personal portfolio management solution that allows you to view all of your invested assets in one place. It’s the only service you’ll need to track, understand, and nurture your wealth.

Built on a powerful, financial-data platform and designed with a friendly, intuitive interface, Claritus not only gives you a full view of your money and investments but provides accurate insights and assessments. Although Claritus is currently in its Beta version, we plan on expanding the solution to include many more capabilities that will enable you to actively manage and control your portfolio.

With over 20 years (each) of tech-startup experience, and following our own personal needs, we have created Claritus with a passion to bring clarity and financial peace of mind to us and others like us. It’s the solution we use, and we hope you will find it just as useful as we do.

We would love to hear what you think of Claritus and would appreciate any feedback needs and wishes to take our solution to new heights. Your feedback is invaluable to Claritus’s growth. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at feedbacks@claritus.io

We look forward to hearing from you, Gabriel,  Shai and Uzi.

Gabriel Bilczyk

Chairman -

Shai Azran


Uzi Rafaeli


Our story

Claritus is the result of a very real and personal need we were all faced with.

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Core Values

Our values play a huge role in who we are, both as people and as a company

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