We know each one is unique and with a unique financial situation. We know personal finance is not only numbers and returns, it’s not only aggregating financial data and manipulating financial calculations. Claritus was created to give you a clear and comprehensive view of your holdings with your own unique point of view.

This is the reason we created Claritus Tags, a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that allows you to observe your holdings with greater clarity. Tags enable you to define your own groups of financial assets & liabilities with strong aggregation and financial calculations.

You can assign as many tags as you want to any asset or liability on your Claritus account. For each unique tag you have created, Claritus will create an automatic smart financial group.

Tagging holdings is simple. You can add tags from the holding page or add holdings to one particular tag at the tag page, whatever works best for you.

To demonstrate how powerful and simple those tags are, let us give you an example. Let’s say you own several securities portfolios. Several of them are managed by you directly, and others are managed by dedicated advisors. With Claritus Tags, all advised securities portfolios can be tagged as a group to view them together.

As a result, you have created a unique group based on the managed securities portfolios you’ve tagged. While viewing the tag, you will see financial data for all advised portfolios, including yields, the overall net worth of these combined portfolios, and other aggregations that Claritus currently offers or will be able to deliver in the future.

Start tagging your holdings today and see how helpful, powerful, and easy it is.

Your financial peace of mind is our mission