We know when talking about your wealth and private financial state that trust plays a major role for you.

Well, trust is something built with time, and it’s our obligation to gain yours and prove to you from the very beginning and all along the way that you can trust us.

We understand the fundamentals that must be on Claritus’ platform from the very beginning in order to even be able to start gaining your trust.

When envisioning Claritus, we knew that your privacy, information security and having a discreet relationship with us was a basic, and entry requirement.

When designing Claritus we placed it as a main subject that we need to take EXTRA care of. We know that this is the foundation for building our long term relationship.

Claritus was designed technically to be bank-level security. We use best-standards to protect your privacy and security.

We only keep the information we need to provide you with the best service and nothing more. There is a strict deletion policy so information deleted by you is periodically purged from our database.

All your information is kept encrypted with AES-256-GCM encryption while in transit and in rest for maximum security.

When linking your financial institutions we use Yodlee, a global leader in financial data aggregation. Your credentials are stored with Yodlee and are not visible to anyone at Claritus. Our access to your linked accounts is read only, we can’t perform any action on your behalf.

internally at Claritus, no one has access to your private wealth details except a very small team that must work on the pit of the service. All the rest of the team can only see the metadata of your portfolio, and this is only to be able to serve you in the best possible way, without interfering with your privacy.

We take data security very seriously and welcome feedback of every kind. If you discover a vulnerability or security issue while using our service or are even just concerned about security we encourage you to contact us at help@claritus.io.

We know this is our basic obligation and we are committed to your safety.

Your financial peace of mind is our mission.