What even is a personal portfolio image?

To some, this may sound like a simple question, however, here at Claritus we think we should take a few minutes to really dig into this topic and map out the various aspects of a personal portfolio image.

A personal portfolio image contains, in a nutshell, all of your assets and all of your liabilities.

For example, imagine you wrote down all your assets and liabilities on a piece of paper. You would have created a list outlining your overall current financial holdings and obligations. Question is that a portfolio image? The answer is yes, and this would be the most narrow, simple, and flat way to describe a portfolio.

Would this help you with future financial planning? Maybe.

Would it help you measure the quality of the investments you have made along the way? Not really.

Could you see how well your portfolio image evolved over time if it was all on one piece of paper? Hmmm, no.

Could you measure your overall portfolio decisions made over time?…

A portfolio image includes dozens if not hundreds of questions and math calculations that go beyond the flat paper list. These are relevant and necessary for nurturing your portfolio in a responsible, smart, fact-oriented way.

Here at Claritus, we believe that your personal portfolio image should be updated for you automatically, as often as possible, and without the need to ‘rewrite’ it over and over again.

We believe it would be useful for you to be able to see your portfolio image whenever you wish, or when it crosses your mind .

In a way, you could compare it to telling the time.

Imagine every time you wanted to know what the time was you needed to build a clock.

Wouldn’t make any sense, right?

Well, at Claritus we think it’s the same thing with your personal portfolio image. It should be there, always updated, accessible, smart, with historical memory, so anytime you want to check it, you simply have to look at your portfolio and be able to observe it from any single angle you desire. As simple as that.

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Your financial peace of mind is our mission