What is Claritus All About?

Claritus’ mission is to bring financial peace of mind to those people who have investments and assets on top of their day to day finances.

It’s not that we don’t think all people need financial tools to help their finances grow, on the contrary.

We believe financial awareness is a major and important need for each person in the modern world. Each and every person should have financial awareness in accordance to his or her financial state.

At Claritus we decided to concentrate and create a solution that provides a Do-It-Yourself approach, for better managing assets/investments and overall personal wealth.

We know that the word ‘wealth’ may sound a little strange to some of you.

Sometimes, we don’t feel ‘wealthy’ enough to have a need for such tools.

However, each and every of one of you that has dispensable cash, is a wealthy person. You’re right in thinking that there are ‘modest’ wealthy people and that there are ‘ultra ‘wealthy people but nevertheless, whatever end of the spectrum you’re on - you’re considered wealthy.

Here at Claritus we assume, all of our customers want to take good care of their own wealth, irrelevant of the amount they have or do not have, and take care nurturing it correctly and responsibly. After all, each one of us has our own responsibilities, dreams and desires that we want our wealth to serve.

Using our platform, you will find an easy and intuitive way to visualize all your wealth, including all of your assets, investments and liabilities. Claritus was created for ordinary people, not for financial experts or tech savvy people.

As such, we dedicated a tremendous amount of time designing the platform in such a way that it is user friendly, easy to understand and not too intimidating.

By using Claritus, you can easily upload, track and view your wealth all in one place. You can add any type of asset, investment or liability including cash accounts, stock portfolios, pension accounts, insurance accounts, real estate, either physical or as RIT and even crypto currencies.

Or maybe, you have employee stock ownership plan (or plans) or have invested in Venture Capital, Private Equity and more - well, you can upload those too.

Our assumption was that people work hard to gain financial security and from that point Claritus should assist them in visualizing their overall financial state.

So, if you feel you need an easy to use, trustworthy and discreet companion to assist you in nurturing your wealth, please try our very early service of Claritus.

Your financial peace of mind is our mission.