What is Claritus Minimal Securities Portfolio?

We know you want to track and be updated, among other assets, also on a particular securities’ portfolio.

Securities portfolios can be either managed by you or managed by others for you. Some may call this type of management discretionarily, managed account, etc…

Securities portfolios may consist of various holdings, they can consist of a few or consist of tens or even hundreds of different securities.

Aside from that, a securities portfolio is dynamic and has some changes from time to time, in regards to buying and selling securities, so they have the potential to change quite frequently.

The most efficient way to track a securities portfolio is to link Claritus to your financial account, where your portfolio is held, to do the job for you, and to “keep an eye” on your portfolio state, holdings, transactions, and dividends. This will enable you to easily track your portfolio in a consistent, and comprehensive way.

It might be that you prefer not to link Claritus to your financial account, where your portfolio is held (or we simply don’t support this financial institute yet, apologies…we’re working on it ..). In such a case, you still have 2 options to track your securities portfolio, through manual updating.

One option is by updating your portfolio with all of your holdings and letting Claritus update your portfolio value and any transactions related to your holdings automatically for you.

The second option, and a much ‘thinner’ way is to be able to track the securities portfolio, manually, with less effort, with fewer details, but still with the advantage of knowing the “big picture” of the specific portfolio.

Let us introduce you to the Minimal Securities portfolio’.

The ‘Minimal Securities portfolio’ was designed for manual work and as such, our aim was for minimal work and maximum value.

A ‘Minimal Securities portfolio’ doesn’t support your exact holdings in your portfolio.

So, what does it support? Well, it supports the total value of all your securities in the portfolio and can capture any extra money you deposit to this portfolio on a specific date, any money that was withdrawn from the portfolio, and capture any dividend that was distributed out of the portfolio.

These 4 events: portfolio value, deposit, withdrawal, and dividend are the only events that are necessary to keep tracking the portfolio performance.

The ‘Minimal Securities portfolio’ was designed to capture fewer details, but still be able to calculate your financial returns in a specific portfolio, and be part of all financial calculations that this specific portfolio includes. Such as, calculating your entire net worth, calculating all of your securities portfolios together, and building your historical portfolio view and more.

Your financial peace of mind is our mission