Core Values

Our values play a huge role in who we are, both as people and as a company.

  • Loyalty

    Our customers are central to what we do and come before everything else. Our loyalty, therefore, will always be to them.

  • Privacy & Security

    We hold our customers’ privacy, security, and anonymity in the highest importance, which is why we are committed to the highest standards of data security and encryption. We will never share or sell information with any third parties.

  • Integrity

    The information presented via Claritus is never interfered with in any way. We do not have access to our customers’ data, and the numbers are what they are, good or bad.

  • Quality & Value

    Claritus aims to bring the best possible tool for our customers’ money. We aren’t interested in taking a piece of their pie. Our subscription pricing is affordable and the same for everyone, and never calculated on a percentage of anyone’s wealth.

  • Simplicity

    We make sure all data is presented in the simplest, friendliest way - in plain English and in plain numbers - so that our customers can easily absorb and understand the full scope of their assets.