Frequently Asked Questions

Here some common questions about Claritus.
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  • What is Claritus?

    Claritus is a simple-to-use personal wealth service that allows you to view all of your invested assets in one place. It’s the only tool you need to track, understand, and grow your wealth.

  • Why do I need it?

    Keeping track of a single invested asset is a challenging and tedious task, let alone a number of assets scattered across several accounts. Whether you invest in the stock market, real estate, or any other alternative investment type, Claritus provides you with a clear image of ALL your combined assets in one place, anytime you need it

  • How does it work?

    Enter your investment portfolios, bank accounts, and alternative assets into Claritus. You can choose to enter them manually or link accounts for automatic tracking. Claritus will crunch the numbers and present you with you a clear, real-time view of your assets - together or separated into groups. If you already have some tracking history, you can build your account retroactively and instantly see your progress over time. What’s more, Claritus also provides you with eye-opening insights that will help you control your wealth and make better-informed decisions for the future.

  • How do you protect my privacy?

    We hold your privacy, security, and anonymity in the highest importance - to the extent that even we don’t have access to your data. Our loyalty is first and foremost to you, our customer - no hidden agendas, no dual loyalties, no matter what. In addition, we will never share or sell your information with any third parties

  • What about Claritus’s security?

    Claritus applies bank-quality security standards. All of your information is secured and encrypted both at rest and in transit. The system uses Yodlee to get read-only access only to those accounts you choose to link.

  • How does Claritus calculate my yield?

    For any single asset, the system uses the modified Dietz method.
    When looking at assets together, it uses weighted returns.
    This way, you can be confident about safely comparing investments and understanding their worth.

  • How does Claritus automatically track my accounts?

    Claritus uses Yodlee, a market leader in financial data aggregation, to link your investments and bank accounts and track them. We never see any of your credentials, and get read-only access to the accounts you link to Claritus.

  • How do I contact you for any reason?

    You can contact us anytime