How Claritus works

See your investment change over time/See your investment history

See any investment history, change over time and important annotation on a simple and intuitive graph.

Add new investment manually

Don’t want to link your account? You can add an investment manually and get powerful insights of your investment performance.

Link your accounts to get the up to date values, holdings and transactions automatically.

Import historical transactions

Already have a list of your investment transactions? Upload it to see history and past performance.

Search for investments

Quickly find any investment, liability or tag simply by searching them.

Upload investment documents

Organize your investments papers and documents in one place.

Add stock manually

Don’t want to link your brokerage account? Search for the symbol and add it manually.

See your investments return/appreciation

Check your return for any investment, asset type or tag. Choose your time frame to see how investments are doing over time.

Organize your investments the way you want

Group investments with tags and get an instant view into their combined performance.

See your monthly reports

Get a quick overview of how your investments did the previous months.