Why Claritus

Our mission is your financial peace of mind.

Claritus is a powerful yet easy to use, trustworthy and discreet companion to assist you in growing your wealth.

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Not Just Another Networth Tracker

To make good and informed decisions, you need to be able to see the big picture and evaluate your overall situation. With Claritus you will get:

  • A comprehensive view that includes all of your assets
  • A complete history of each investment, so you can follow trends, seasonality, and other factors
  • Benchmarking: how your investments, both individually and overall, are performing versus the industry averages
  • Automatic and instantaneous value updates to save you time
  • Comparisons between different asset types to help you make informed decisions
  • As simple as any spreadsheet yet 10x more powerful and useful

See Your Wealth Your Way

We know everyone is unique and has a unique financial situation. We know personal finance is not only numbers and returns; it’s not only aggregating financial data and manipulating financial calculations.

Claritus Tags is a powerful yet easy-to-use feature we offer that allows you to observe your holdings with greater clarity. Tags allow you to define your own groups of financial assets & liabilities with strong aggregation and financial calculations.

See a Complete View of Your Investments

It doesn’t matter if you have one asset or several assets scattered over multiple accounts, with Claritus everything can be organized and tracked in one convenient place.

Top Notch Security & Privacy

We know that your privacy, information security and anonymity are basic, and mandatory requirements.

All your information is kept encrypted with AES-256-GCM encryption while in transit and in rest for maximum security.

Claritus will never sell or share your data or personal information to a third party! Our loyalty stands with you, our customer and your trust in us is our top priority.